Audit Request

Any parent or guardian may request an audit, however only those requests that meet the below criteria will be reviewed:

  1. Parent/Guardians can request an audit if they feel the Evaluation Process was not followed. Specific evaluation scores cannot be audited.
  2. No requests will be accepted until a 24-hour time period from the finalization of teams has elapsed
  3. In order to request an audit, Parents/Guardians must have attended the mandatory Evaluation Info meeting prior to evaluations
  4. Audit requests must be submitted using the Audit Request Form within 2 days of the team postings. The form can be found on the Knights Hockey Club Website (here). The completed form should be emailed to the Division Age Group Coordinator and VP On Ice
  5. There will be a $150 fee for the review, refundable if an error occurred. The review will be performed by the VP On Ice, Director of Evaluations and Age Group Coordinator. When required the President will also attend.
  6. Audit requests will be reviewed and responded to within 48 hours in order to facilitate a timely conclusion to evaluations and allow players and their teams to move forward.

Audit Request Form