Breaking Barriers Fund

Breaking Barriers Fund (BBF) provides financial support to Knights Hockey Club families facing financial challenges or obstacles. 


Am I eligible for funding?

In order to be considered for financial support, we ask that you first be able to answer yes to the following three questions:

  1. Do you have a child(ren) registered in Knights Hockey Club this season?
  2. Is the child on whose behalf you are applying between the ages of 4-18?
  3. Is your family in a demographic which would be considered in financial need as defined by Government guidelines? Please see table below to confirm

Low income cut-offs before tax:

Size of family unit   Current dollars
         1                $24,949
         2                $31,061
         3                $38,185
         4                $46,362
         5                $52,583
         6                $59,304
         7                $66,027

If you can answer “yes” to all three questions, then you should apply for funding! 

*Please note that if you have more than one child playing this year, you will need to do an application for each participant. 


How do I apply for funding?

The fund consists of a two-tier application process. In doing so, it has prioritized timely payment to teams and a reliable framework to ensure all funds are used appropriately and responsibly.


Tier 1

Tier 1 Application Form

Families that have been awarded funding from one of the following organizations for the upcoming hockey season:

  • Jumpstart
  • Flames Even Strength
  • Kid Sport

If you’re family has received funding for hockey fees from the above listed organizations, and you would like to apply for Breaking Barriers support, please email Erin Boulet (

Successful Tier 1 applicants will receive payment to go towards registration fees and  team cash calls to a maximum determined annually by the BBF. This maximum is based on available funds and applications received. Tier 1 applications take priority and will be paid before any other tier request.

Tier 2:

Tier 2 Application Form

Families experiencing financial difficulties that complete the BBF application in full and reach the minimum approval score as determined by the BBF approval committee.  

Successful Tier 2 applicants will receive payment to go towards registration fees and team cash calls to a maximum determined annually by the BBF, based on the available funds and applications received. Applications are taken throughout the season and are paid at the discretion of the BBF based on merit of submission and funds available for assistance.

How are funds paid? 

Funds for fees are paid directly to Knights Hockey Club and your balance owing reduced or cleared. Feed to be paid for cash call support will be distributed to the family directly. Please note that if there is a refund of the cash call at the end of the season, these funds are to be directed back to the BBF.


If I qualify for funding, do I still need to fundraise with my team?

If there is an opportunity within your team to fundraise for your cash call, you are expected to participate and do your best to raise your portion. Failure to comply with these guidelines will disqualify you for future funding. 


Is my application confidential? 

Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. Please note that all applications are kept confidential and personal information is only shared within the BBF. All information shared outside of the BBF is in terms of application numbers and is for statistical purposes only. 


How is money raised for the Breaking Barriers Fund?

Money is raised at the annual Knights Hockey Club year end event that takes place in the spring.


Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the fund all about? 

The purpose of the fund is to support Knights Hockey Club families who are in need of financial assistance during the hockey season. 

  1. What are the funding criteria?

The Breaking Barriers Fund will assist financially disadvantaged families who are participating in the Knights Hockey Club program.  Families assisted by the fund must be registered and playing on a Knights team during the current funding hockey season. 

  1. What types of costs will the Breaking Barriers Fund cover?

The fund will help to cover unpaid registration costs not covered by outside funding, team cash calls and team apparel purchases. 

  1. How much money can a family receive?

The maximum amount of funding may differ from year-to-year due to how much money is raised.  

  1. Can more than one child in the same family receive funding?

Yes, funding can be requested for more than one child in a family, playing on a Knights team  in the same hockey season.

  1. Are families able to request funding two seasons in a row? 

Yes, families can request funding for successive hockey seasons.