Mentorship Program

Knights Hockey Club Initiative


The Knights HC is pleased to continue our Mentorship program for the 2023/24 season following its successful inaugural year. Two years ago, our club had an incredible story unfold - a simple high-five in the hallway lead to one of our U15 teams showing incredible leadership towards a U9 house league athlete. We showcased this leadership on social media and our whole club loved it! We wanted to expand on that momentum and introduced a more formal program, to great success.


To encourage mentorship opportunities for our older players and give them an opportunity to give back to our Knights HC community.

To introduce our younger players to the older ones to learn the game itself and to give them a local role model.


Program Highlights

We will be pairing every Knights team in U7 and U9 community hockey with a team in our U15 and U18 age groups; ideally this will be one-to-one pairings but that will depend on how many teams we have!

Provide managers and coaches with ideas to encourage mentorship and role model situations without putting a huge load on older players individually or time wise. This can be as small or as large as each paired team wants to make it!

Sample ideas include older players attending a practice with younger players and running drills; younger players attending older players games; older players working the clock at younger players games; writing inspirational signs or letters for teammates etc.

Provide older players with an opportunity to gain volunteer experience and formal letters for job or school applications - any player who participates can request a letter including the type of role and hours spent!

We have a team of Knights volunteers ready to help you! We will give you the contact information, help with ideas, provide the volunteer letters and prepare your social media posts! Send us your photos and we will showcase your teams to keep our Knights supporting Knights pride going! Our program email is

We are looking forward to having a wonderful season with all of you! Thank you and Go Knights!