Jersey Care and Bond

Knights Hockey Club


Players are responsible for the care of their jersey throughout the season. Upon returning at the end of the season, jerseys will be inspected. Any jersey deemed not useable will have the Jersey Bond applied.

The KHC U7-U15 jersey bond is $200.00 per player

The KHC U18 jersey bond is $250.00 due to the quality of the jerseys and replacement cost.

Important to know

Normal wear and tear will be acceptable. Jerseys deemed unusable due to rips, tears, or other damage will be subject to the jersey bond and will be cashed. Excessive stains and/or puck marks must be cleaned, or the jersey deposit will be applied to cover the cost of cleaning or replacement if required.

**Note: We recommend limiting the use of sports drinks by players. Do not use coloured sports drinks

Distribution and Return of Jerseys

The Head Coach or team manager is responsible for picking up jerseys and handing out to members of the team. We recommend jerseys to be distributed by size and not by number. Knights Hockey will not cover the cost to repair or replace any game jersey including those worn by an player on loan. Coaches must return all game jerseys TOGETHER as a full set, cleaned and hung on wire hangers, in numerical order in the provided jersey bag. No exceptions will be made. Jersey sets will be checked up return.

Handle with care!

Jerseys should NOT be placed in hockey bags as Velcro and skates will damage them. Preferably players will use garment bags to keep jerseys clean and un-damaged during transportation to and from the arena.

Game jerseys are NOT permitted for use during practices.

Respect the jersey and take care of it throughout the season. Remember that another player will be wearing the same jersey next season, and you will be wearing someone else’s next year.

Captain / Assistant Captain Letters

C & A’s are not permitted to be sewn or heat applied to jerseys. Any damaged to the jersey from a letter will result in the jersey bond being cashed.

Jerseys for Affiliate Players

We recommend in a situation where an affiliate player will be using a team’s game jersey, the Team Manager provides the affiliate with the applicable game jersey before the game and ensures the game jersey is returned to the Team Manager at the end of the game. The Team Manager is responsible for cleaning the game jersey and returning it to the player that was absent. At no point should an affiliate player take the loaned jersey. If a game jersey used by an affiliate player is not returned or it was damaged when worn by a player, it is the responsibility of the team to be prepared to cover the cost of the replacement of the missing game jersey and/or to repair the damaged game jersey prior to the end of the season.

Jersey Care and Washing Instructions

  • Please wash each jersey separately or with like colours
  • Machine WASHABLE in COLD water
  • Do NOT wash dark and white jerseys together
  • HANG to dry