Knights Hockey Club is pleased to announce the 2023 / 2024 Joust In The South tournaments. We are looking forward to getting the players back on the ice and having fun playing the game they love.

Registration Submission Process

1. Complete the online Registration Form.

Note: Due to the large number of applicants, your team will not be guaranteed a spot in the tournaments until the Tournament Committee has reviewed all applications. Do not etransfer the team's registration fee until requested by the Director of Tournaments.


Application Review & Selection Process

2. The Tournament Committee will review all applications to ensure the continued quality of the tournament and will select participating teams.

3. Upon completion of the selection process, the Director of Tournaments will email the Team Contact of all selected teams to formally notify the team that they have been accepted into the tournament.

4. Teams that did not get selected will also be notified by the Director of Tournaments.


Entry Fee Payment Process

5. The entry fee will be paid via etransfer. The Director of Tournaments will email the following details to all selected teams:

a. etransfer email address; and
b. Entry fee due date

Note: failure to etransfer the entry fee by the due date will result in the forfeiture of the team's spot in the tournament.


Additional Tournament Requirements

6. The Director of Tournaments will request the following to be submitted prior to the tournament:

a. Official minor hockey team roster (PDF);
b. Review & Acknowledgement of the Joust in the South Tournament Rules; and
c. Travel permit (only applicable to out of town teams).

Note: Failure to submit the above requirements result in the forfeiture of the team's spot in the tournament.


7. Any affiliate players replacing a player due to absence, not suspension, must be listed and identified as an affiliate. The Director of Tournaments must be notified one (1) week before tournament. If no notification is provided, the affiliate cannot play in the tournament.

8. By submitting this application, on behalf of the team, releases the sponsors of the above-named tournament, its officials, arena management and all involved in the tournament:

a. From any liability for any injury or accident, which may be incurred by any player or team official while participating in and/or travelling to or from the said tournament; and

b. Accepts all decisions of the tournament as FINAL.

Tournament Fees

Age Group# of GamesEntry Fee (Non-Refundable)

Tournament Schedule

PowerPoint Presentation

Tournament Rules & Guidelines

U7 Guidelines

U9 Guidelines

U11-U18 Rules & Guidelines

Tournament Registration

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the Director of Tournaments at: tournaments@knightshc.ca.