Good day parents,

This is certainly an a great time of year as teams have been formed, practices have begun for all and some teams have already participated in in their first games of the season. I know these are exciting times as we get going with the start to the season. I know there is always times when parents want to get a quick picture of their player right after a game or practice. However, we need to use better judgment and refrain from this happening in the dressing rooms and ensuring that these photo ops are done outside of the dressing room.


This is just a reminder of the Knights Hockey Club Electronics Policy. This states that to avoid any potentially unethical or improper situations/conduct, the use of any form of smart phone, tablet, or personal electronic device is prohibited in or around any KHC change room, before/during/after any official KHC sanctioned event. This means no photographs or videos of any kind are allowed when there is more that one person in a dressing room. NO EXCEPTIONS. Hockey Canada is rolling out a new policy this year and it covers what Knights Hockey has previously implemented with regards to an electronics policy. Coaches have been made aware that there is a zero tolerance policy this season in this regard so please do not be upset or angry if you are allowed into a dressing room and a coach asks you to not have you phone or any other electronic device out while in a dressing room.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.
Here is to a fun and successful season for Knights Hockey.


Dale Byrne
VP Safety and Governance Knights Hockey